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PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:13 pm 

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Title: Codeseeker
Hi Fellow Kodewerx Users

I have just registered on this forum as i wanted to be able to request that certain cheat codes be created for a particular region of a PS1 game called Digimon World. This game is an all-time favourite of mine and unfortunately there are cheat codes that exist for the NTSC USA version of the game which dont exist for the UK PAL version of the game which i have and use and so i am now currently stuck on this game and have been for some months now and i am unable to progress any further and in order to fully complete this game i need certain specific cheat codes for it to be either converted from the NTSC USA version of the game or to be created from scratch if possible. There are many different cheats that i need codes to be created for and i know that it will probably seem like a lot to some of you but i figured that it would be a breeze for someone who is very talented and experienced at hacking codes and wouldnt at all be a bother to them so i hope that a great hacker comes across this post and decides to help me out on this.

The cheat codes that i would like to be converted/created for the UK PAL version of Digimon World are:

Infinite Lives

80155824 0003

Always Have Finish

8013D65A 0AF1

Have All Attacks

30155800 00FF
30155801 00FF
30155802 00FF
30155803 00FF
30155804 00FF
30155805 00FF
30155806 00FF
30155807 00FF

Have All Medals


Press Square To Lay A Pile Of Poop

D0135450 FF7F
80138460 FFFF

Have All Digimon On The Chart/All Evolved

301BE00D 00FF
801BE010 FFFF
801BE012 FFFF
301BE014 00FF

Year Modifier

80134F02 00??

Day Modifier

80134F04 00??

Time Of Day Modifier

80134EBE 00??

All Digimon In City

301557C5 0037
801557C6 0037

Have Key Items

301BDFD2 00FF
301BDFD3 00FF

Have All Cards

50002001 0000

All Digimon Raised

50000801 0000
301BE00D 00FF

No Eating And No Pooping

80138478 00FF
8013849E 00FF

Digimon Modifier

D0134EE4 0020
801557A8 00??

No Virus

8013847E 0000

Max Merit Points

80134FC4 03E7

Digivolve Modifier

80134E50 00??
01 - Botamon
02 - Koromon
03 - Agumon
04 - Betamon
05 - Greymon
06 - Devimon
07 - Airdramon

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