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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:18 am 

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Title: Code Hunter
ok. first let me state that this is for the GCN versions of MMX4 and MMX5 (mega man x collection)

now, onto what i know so far. i'll post what you guys ask for, like breakpoint registers and the like.

ok. i'll start with X4.

in X4, my problem is a boss that changes, depending on the character you use. i know where they're stored in memory though. here's the wierd part. there are two locations that the bosses can be written two. Iris (zero's boss) just gets put in the normal area that most enemies get written too. Double however (x's boss) is written to a location slightly lower. i call these the "current enemy" sections.

where these sections get thier data though, that's what i've been working with. so you would imagine "ok, so just switch the data they get read from!" eh, that doesn't work. both sections are checked for the numbers needed. the right boss gets called either way. strange part is, upon switching, instead of iris being written to the normal spot that most enemies get written to in memory, double does instead!

so your next idea would be "so instead of switching, just make both of them the boss you want!" ... that makes the game crash. the memory is checked for the right boss, and if the right boss isn't found, then the game crashes.

so, my next step (from my point of view anyway) would be to find the thing that looks for the right boss. i tried, and with my limited knowledge of assembly, i can't make heads or tails of the crap i see realy. that, is hopefuly where you guys can help me.

problem 2: mega man X5.

what i'm going for, is Zero vs. Awakened (maverick) Zero. the problem? this. i can force the game to give me zero, no problem at all. but... when zero turns maverick, and i force the game to give him to me anyway, he gets his black armor, (the game normaly reads from a variable to see if he should have the armor or not), and when the stage starts, he makes a sound as if he'd been hit, he starts facing the wrong way, the symbol under his life bar showing what character you're using, is messed up, and the big one, HE WON'T MOVE!

so, in theory, maverick zero uses normal zero, only switched to boss form, right? i'm not realy sure what to do here. check the enemy section for it or something? this one has me stumped. X5 should use the same general engine X4 does, so hopefuly, a similar fix will work for both.

please guys, help me out here.

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