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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 4:47 am 

Joined: Wed May 27, 2009 4:45 am
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Title: Dstone
I have found the code for the aimbot V 3.9.3
but when i am in the game and i try to activate it( L+R+start) it suddanly freezes the game
anyone got a solutions?
some guys said it might be becouse i might have version 1.1 of MPH, but i am almost sure i dont.
Maybe someone can try to post a link to a 100% sure V 1.0?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:43 am 
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Joined: Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:26 am
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Title: Cheater (not online)
E2000000 00000438
E59F0428 E9204FFE
E5DF3454 E5DF2451
E59F41B0 E1D440B0
E3140008 13A02000
1A000002 E3520001
12833001 13A02001
E5CF242D E2033003
E5CF3424 E59F1188
E5911000 E1510003
0A000058 E3A02EF3
E0000291 E0050293
E59F4170 E0855004
E0844000 E5948000
E5959000 E595A01C
E089900A E0498008
E5949004 E595A004
E595B020 E08AA00B
E04A9009 E5D5A4BA
E35A0001 12899C02
02499C0A E594A008
E5953008 E595B024
E083300B E04AA003
E1A03008 EB000049
E1A03009 EB000047
E1A0300A EB000045
E0000898 E0010A9A
E0800001 EF0D0000
E1A01009 E2116102
42611000 E380B901
E3A03000 E31B0102
01A0B08B 02833001
0AFFFFFB E2633011
E1A00350 E1A01351
EB000041 EB000086
E3560000 12600000
E5840084 E1A00008
E1A0100A E2106102
42600000 E2117102
42611000 EB000036
EB00007B E3570000
02600000 E5840088
E3A01A01 E3560000
12611000 E5841080
E3100102 42600000
E0010090 E1DF26BC
E08B3291 E1B03FA3
128BB001 E59F2060
E0813092 E1B03FA3
128BB001 E081000B
E1DF14BA E0800001
E5941084 E2112102
42611000 E0000091
E1A00620 E3520000
12600000 E5840084
E59F0278 E2400030
E8B04FFE E3A00005
04000130 020D9CB8
020DA730 037FBB2C
0B4F6829 E2B912F3
E3130102 42633000
E3833901 E3A06000
E3130102 01A03083
02866001 0AFFFFFB
E2666011 E1A08658
E1A09659 E1A0A65A
E12FFF1E E92D4008
E3510000 03A00000
0A000010 E3500000
03A00901 0A00000D
E1A02700 E1A03701
E1500001 BA000006
E1500001 03A00A02
0A000006 E1A01000
E1A00003 EB000005
EA000002 E1A00002
EB000002 E2600901
E8BD4008 E12FFF1E
E1A02001 E15200A0
91A02082 3AFFFFFC
E3A03000 E1500002
E0A33003 20400002
E1320001 11A020A2
1AFFFFF9 E1A01000
E1A00003 E0010090
E1A01741 E2611000
E3A030A9 E0030391
E1A03743 E2833E39
E0030391 E1A03743
E2833C09 E283301C
E0030391 E1A03743
E2833EFA E2833016
E0030391 E1A03743
E2833D5A E283302A
E0030391 E1A03743
E2833D82 E2833001
E0030391 E1A03743
E2833C36 E2833051
E0030391 E1A03743
E2833CA2 E28330F9
E0000093 E1A00840
E12FFF1E E1A00120
E3A0101C E1500001
BA000034 E3A01EFE
E1500001 B1A02000
B0000092 B3A01077
B00B0091 B59F10B8
B0000291 B1A0B9AB
B1A00820 B040000B
B3A01035 B0400001
A3A00906 AA000025
E3A01C0D E1500001
A1A01000 A0000091
A0823190 A59F008C
A0020290 A08BC093
A082200B A1A0C222
A0000191 A59F2078
A083B290 A1A0BDAB
A1A03283 A083B00B
A59F2068 A0000291
A1A00420 A04C100B
A0811000 A59F0058
A0410000 AA00000D
E3A01B02 E28110D0
E1500001 A1A02000
A0000092 A3A010D9
A00B0091 A59F101C
A0000291 A1A0B8AB
A1A008A0 A04B0000
A1DF10BC A0800001
E12FFF1E 0001F27D
000D0310 0000220A
001F8F58 0256C62B
0003B1BB 000F767A
02000464 00000000
037FBACC E3A0F402

This one is sure v.1.0 us.

Cheating, Hacking, Deviluc!

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:27 pm 

Joined: Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:22 pm
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Title: Title
Also, you can't use the aimbot online too. Or atleast thats what I know.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:18 am 

Joined: Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:18 am
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Sure you can. You just have not have a BS connection.

Why did you bump this though? It's a year old! Who knows if those people will see your incorrect response?


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