Requesting Gameshark code for Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock ver
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Author:  danielmalice [ Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Requesting Gameshark code for Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock ver

I have seen codes and the video. When you replace your character with Tofu and use let's say a rocket launcher the game of course will freeze. There are codes to where you can replace what your weapon fires. In the video below for example, when Tofu uses the handgun, it doesn't fire handgun ammo, but rather custom shotgun bursts. How is that possible? The video to see for yourself is below.

I tried to search for codes but only found this code
D00CFD06 000F
300CFD06 0011

What it does is if you have the machine gun equipped, it shoots out rockets instead. Is it possible to hack it to where your handgun will shoot out rockets? Correct me if I'm wrong, but on the top row of the code, 0F would be replaced with 02 since that is the code for the handgun, and on the bottom row at the end says 11 which is of course the code for the rocket launcher. If I replace 0F with 02 it should work yes? I do not own the dual shock version but instead I own the original version on my psx. Can anyone verify or maybe help me out in creating handgun fires rockets code?

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