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PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:42 pm 
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Infinite Stamina
80000000 804DD0B8
A64DD0BA F0000000
8C000200 00000002
E0000000 80008000

Time Control
Time Control is for a Classic Controller, not for Wiimote+Nunchuk.

You are in time control mode as long as you keep the right shoulder button pressed. As long as you hold the button, time will be paused.

You use the direction pad to set a time speed, which takes effect after you release the right shoulder button:
  • D-Pad left brings time to a halt.
  • D-Pad left and up sets time advance to 25% of normal speed.
  • D-Pad up sets time advance to 50% of normal speed.
  • D-Pad up and right sets time advance to 75% of normal speed.
  • D-Pad right sets time advance to normal speed.
Unfortunately, the buttons don't register every frame, so keep the buttons pressed for several seconds to be safe.
Also, to cleanly set the diagonal speeds, release the right shoulder button before releasing the D-Pad.

ZL rewinds (stops at 06:00).
ZR fast forwards
(stops at 05:50).
284179A2 FDFF0200
2A001846 FDFF0200
8220000E 804E8308
E2000001 00000000
044E8308 00000000
284179A2 3FFC0002
8000000E 00000000
284179A3 3FFC0003
8000000E 00000001
284179A3 3FFC0001
8000000E 00000002
284179A3 3FFC8001
8000000E 00000003
284179A3 3FFC8000
8000000E 00000004
2A4179A3 FF7B0000
4E000000 00000000
82200000 804E82FC
86100000 00015180
80100000 0001A5DF
94210000 00000064
80100000 00000001
94210000 000000C4
94210000 000000CC
80100000 00014F28
94210000 0000009C
94210000 000000A4
80100000 00000258
94210000 0000006C
264E8300 00000000
82200000 804E8304
94210000 000000D4
80000000 804E8300
284179A2 FF7B0004
86010000 00000078
244E8300 00000000
044E8300 00000000
E2000002 00000000
284179A2 FF7B0080
86010000 FFFFFF88
264E8300 00000000
044E8300 00000000
264E8301 00000000
80000000 804E82F8
86010000 FFFFFFFF
80000000 804E8304
86010000 FFFEAE80
E2100005 00000000
28001846 FDFF0200
8420000E 804E8308
E0000000 80008000
8220000F 804179A0

Gecko codes - the INTERCAL of game hacking

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:58 pm 

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Infinite stamina! I love it. Thanks Blubberdi.

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